Saturday, December 25, 2010

Little that I hold from what I can ...

if time will bring me to the past ...

I'll ask him .., to immediately reconcilable with

I love you, but do I want tuk not hurt your heart

I hold what is left in my mind

I close the
remaining residual becomes whole again, although the pain ..

why is there a question? "Why did you let him into your heart??, So you're too hurt by it?"

then I'll answer "if the heart is so honest, without a lie, then this is what I think .."

I love him ..., I really love him ...

love that makes me want to have him completely ...

but different from the facts,,,

circumstances make me always learn to understand,

without he understood I was a normal woman ...

I, too, can be broken and wounded,

I'm close to tears .., I'm bonding with the soul kelukaan

I also never expected me to deal with this complex situation,

I was not going to survive if his love do not always reside in my heart

and Allah also know ... I still love you ...

I was with a sense that I really love you ....,

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